Ted Feldman of Bear Hands

Veracious Magazine had the chance to speak with Ted Feldman of Bear Hands about their tour with Foals, their upcoming plans for 2017, and more. Read our interview below, and check out the photographs of Foals, Bear Hands, and KIEV on our photography page!

Interview by: Samantha Toy

Hey! How are you guys doing today?

Ted: So far so good.

You all released your third album, You’ll Pay For This back in April, how has the reaction been?

Ted: A lot of longtime fans have told us that this is their favorite record of ours, and that’s particularly gratifying.

Do you guys have a favorite song off the album at the moment?

Ted: I love all my children equally, but I guess I’m having a moment with The Shallows.

For all three records, you worked with James Brown, do you see working with him for all your future recordings? 

Ted: All 3 records — and 1 EP! James is a beloved member of our family, and family is forever.

Will you be performing any songs off You’ll Pay For This on your tour with Foals?

Ted: Absolutely. Maybe 2/3rds of our set is from the new record.

How excited are you guys to tour with Foals, and Kiev? 

Ted: Pumped. We love Foals, and they’ve been very enthusiastic talking about Kiev. So I can’t wait to meet that band, seem them play.

When you’re on tour, do any of you have a favorite city or venue to play at? Is there a specific reason why it’s your favorite city or venue?

Ted: No far and away favorite, but I will say that there is a plethora of good venues to play in Chicago, and every time we’re there we end up having a Big Night Out.

Since the holidays are coming up shortly, do you have plans with your family or the band?

Ted: Just good ol’ solemn prayer and group repentance!

What does 2017 look like for you all as of now? Any upcoming tours or music? 

Ted: We will definitely be touring in some capacity. Always trying to write new music, but I think we’ll be riding You’ll Pay For This for a while.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Do you have any last words for your fans?

Ted: Hopefully not my last words, but… Y’all are the best. Come hang out on tour.

Make sure to purchase the band’s latest album on iTunes, and see them on tour right now with Foals!

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/youll-pay-for-this/id1083707399

Ticket link: http://bearhandsband.com/events

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