The Grape & The Grain

Interview by: Samantha Toy

Veracious Magazine: Hey all, how are you guys doing today?

The Grape & The Grain: Hello! Doing very well thank you.

VM: Your new studio album Holy Rollin’ was just released last week, how has the reaction been to it?

TG & TG: So far it’s been great! Everyone we’ve heard from seems to dig it so that’s exciting. We’re super proud of the album so it’s been really cool to hear such good feedback.

VM: Do you have any personal favorite songs or lyrics off the album so far?

TG & TG: MO Kelly has a lyric in the title track that simple stats “you’ve got to choose the love and do away with the fear” and I think that’s an important statement especially today.

VM: For this record you worked with D James Goodwin, what was it like working with him?

TG & TG: It was a really great experience. His studio is in a beautiful part of Woodstock, NY in the mountains, so there is this amazing view while recording, and we tracked live together, which was a new experience for us. The vibe there is so comfortable you get work done without really even noticing. We’re in the room jamming out and the next thing you know you have a take. It was a lot of fun.

VM: Did you learn anything positive from him? Or did you give you any advice on anything?

TG & TG: He’s a positive influence just as himself. He’s a truly creative person in many forms of art and music so just having someone around like that can be inspiring. He also encouraged us to be open to different things, such as recording live together.

VM: What was your inspiration behind the new album, and what was the process behind the album like?

TG & TG: We basically got in a room together and started writing. We get together at least once a week and bounce ideas off each other. The album wasn’t inspired by any one thing in particular, but in my mind if you listen to the album from top to bottom, it tells a story. I know what my version of that story is, but I think it’s up to the listener to find their own. If I were to sum it up, for me the was inspired by he idea of “change”.

VM: When you write songs, is it a group effort or does only one person write the lyrics?

TG & TG: A little bit of both actually. We do a lot of the writing together musically, but with lyrics it tends to be one person writes the majority and someone else may add in later.

VM: If you could describe the album in 5 words, what would they be?

TG & TG: Raw Honest Psychedelic Rock Opus.

VM: Since 2017 is coming up very shortly, do you have any musical plans for next year? Any tours or shows honoring Holy Rollin’?

TG & TG: We had an album release show back in October at our favorite local venue BSP in Kingston, NY with our friends Stellar Young, and that was really fun. No tour plans at the moment, but we do have plans to get back in the studio at some point. Have a some more new stuff that we’re very excited to get out to you all. Though I’m sure we’ll get some shows happening in 2017 as well.


VM: Thank you for chatting with us today! Do you have any last comments for your fans?

TG & TG: Thank you! Keep on rockin y’all!




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