Anarbor, Cold Collective, Portal Frame, & Emarosa @ Walter’s Downtown in Houston, TX

Photograph & Review by: Brittaney Penney


I had the opportunity to cover the Emarosa show in Houston last Thursday (11/10/2016). I had recently seen them in Denver, Colorado at Warped Tour and knew I needed to get out to a show in my hometown.

Emarosa played a majority of 131, which is their newest album. The songs ‘One Car Garage’, ‘Hurt’, and ‘Young Lonely’ were definitely crowd favorites. The show was played at Walters Downtown in Houston, which is a smaller venue with a stage, a bar on one side and room for merch tables on the other. The crowd was hype and Bradley Walden, the lead singer, seemed to just know how to get everyone excited. There were multiple crowd surfers, Bradley got into the crowd multiple times, once he even got onto a ladder, another time with Ryan Kienle, the bassist, on his shoulders. 

This show is one that I will definitely remember for a long time. Everyone had a good time and you could just feel the good energy in the room. If Emarosa is ever in your area, I highly recommend getting out to a show. Their stage presence is on an entirely other level and you are guaranteed to have an excellent time.

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