The Thought Forms, and 65daysofstatic @ Plug in Sheffield, England

Review & Photography by: Flavio Gasperini


Sheffield, 16th November in 2016. The “Plug” is already packed by 8PM. The venue is almost perfect, like a big square with the bar on the left and the merchandise on the right. The opening act on this tour, The Thought Forms, are ready to perform onstage. They start to warm the atmosphere with their music and fans cheering.

The Thought Forms are clearly the best choice to have perform before the headline band because their music is very captivating and perfectly played. The two singers, a male and a female, are accompanying through the whole setlist.

Now it’s time for the 65daysofstatic to play in their hometown show! The stage is dark, everyone is warm, and everyone is ready to perform and dance. The headline band, 65daysofstatic are walking upstage with a small intro and are immediatly ready to begin their set.

The stage is full of keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, a bass, percussion, pedal boards, microphones and more! Both bands have a strong passion in the music they perform. Make sure to see both bands live someday because you won’t regret it!

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