Streets of Laredo

Daniel Gibson – Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Dave Gibson – Drummer, Backing Vocals
Sarahjane Gibson – Vocals, Percussion
Cameron Deyell- Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals
Sean McMahon – Bass, Backing Vocals
Andrew McGovern – Trumpet, Synth, Percussion

Veracious: Hey! How are you all doing today?

Morale is at an all time high.

V: You guys are currently on tour right now with CRX. How has the tour been so far?

It’s been super fun, CRX are definitely a good laugh so it’s been a good time.

V: Do you have any favorite tour memories on this specific tour yet?

Nick Valensi giving us a live demonstration of his MMA moves in the green room with his shirt off.

V: Your record, Wild, was released just last month. How has the reaction been to it?

We’ll, my mum likes it, She’s pretty ahead of the curve.

V: From all of the eleven tracks, do any of you have a favorite song(s)?

We’re proud of all the songs. Silly Bones is our favorite to play live, Wild is special song and Gold is hidden a slow burner.

V: Are you playing songs off of Wild on this tour? Any crowd favorites on a song?

Yeah, we’re just playing the new songs on this tour. Silly Bones always sparks a vibe.

V: What was the writing process like when you wrote Wild? 

Basically, we just locked ourselves away in our makeshift studio in Bushwick and wrote & recorded for most of 2015.

We used logic, a bunch of plugins & weird instruments we had collected over the years to make all our demos. Once we came up for air we had a nice group of songs.

V: When you write an album, do you argue over which songs make it to the record? If so, how do you solve that conflict?

Even though we had more songs than we needed for the album it became evident which ones belonged on the record. It was weird because everyone arrived at the same conclusion naturally.

V: Since the holidays are around the corner, do you have any special plans? Are any of you going back home?

I think we’re all going to stay in New York & see out the new year upstate. There are plans to head back to NZ in February/March for some shows & to catch up with the family & friends.

V: Thanks for chatting with us! Do you have any last words for your fans? Any upcoming music projects we should look out for in 2017?

We love making music & want to keep doing it. Buying our record ‘wild’ really helps. Share it, enjoy it & come  out to one of our shows while we’re on tour with CRX.

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