Broken Hands

Interview by: Samantha Toy

Conducted by: Dale Norton (lead singer) of Broken Hands

Hey, how are you all doing today?

Sound thanks, been writing today, just went to the woods to clear me head.

Your album, Turbulence, was released on — November 4, 2016. How has the reaction been since?

It’s been great so far, it has built slowly which has meant anyone coming to shows now has invested a lot of time in the album instead of just coming of the back of one track.

Was your writing process different from your previous work?

Yeah a lot different. For the album we all wrote together for the first time and that was made easier as we had a concept in mind. Having travel and flight at the centre of the songs meant that no matter who wrote them they would all gel, in fact you get different interpretations on the theme, it was more fun and interesting for us.

How do you all decide on which songs make it to the album? Do any of you argue about it? How do you resolve the conflict?

We don’t argue on this subject at all, we are all on the same page so picking the track list was natural. We grew up together listening to records intently so we have a mutual respect for orders and purpose of a track list.

Do you think the environment reflects on how the album is created or sounds like?

It did for us, we all moved in together to write and demo this record. We live in a village 1hr 45 outside London which is cut-off from a lot of stuff! Some acts benefit from being in the centre of it all, but this concept was perfect to be realised in isolation. I mean the album is about Space, we were looking up most the time, so having nothing around didn’t matter.

What is your favorite song or lyric off of Turbulence?

For me it’s ” I took a tab for 7 weeks a dose a day, my mind had gave in and actions had begun to stray, this Turbulence is kicking in I have to say” – taken from the title track of the record. 

If you could describe the album in five words, what would they be?

Silver space flight fuzz jets

Do you have any plans for 2017? Any tours or music collaborations?

We will be out in spring and we are always writing and working on stuff so we’ll see.

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