Great Good Fine Ok


Interview by: Aili Hauptmann

Conducted by: Jon Sandler

Veracious Magazine: So, it’s the middle of your tour. How has the tour gone so far?

Really great so far! We’re only on our 5th show tonight so still pretty early in the tour, but the energy has been huge, and everyone is still healthy! Starting out in the freezing, snowing Northeast and Canada has been intense…looking forward to California!

VM: What has been your favorite show to play on this tour so far and why?

Each show has been awesome so far, but we started the tour in our hometown of NYC at the beautiful Irving Plaza for about 1000 people. It was our biggest headline show to date, so that was pretty special.

VM: Have there been any strange encounters with fans on this tour?

In Toronto a very sweet older woman fan (probably around 80 years old) gave me a Kimono she had gotten in Japan years ago. She also gave us a Prince vinyl.  So awesome.

VM: And you recently released your new ep on the 6th, was there a message you were trying to send fans through the new ep?

It’s all about love.

VM: What was your inspiration behind the new EP?

Each song was inspired by so much, but each one is about love in some capacity. Relationships are always a huge inspirations.

VM: And how do you think fans have received the EP so far?

5 of the songs had already been released as singles and we were  performing them live. Fans received those super positively. People seem to be loving the the 2 new songs – “Holding You” and “Thinking”.  “Holding You” has almost 500k Spotify plays in 5 days. We couldn’t be more excited and humbled and can’t wait to play the new songs on tour.

VM: Is there any specific process that you go through when writing new music?

Usually Luke will create the music and beat and a rough song form, send it to me, and I’ll write the lyrics and melody.

VM: And do you guys have any pre-show rituals?

We do a “hands in the middle” kind of chant / yell / slapping sort of thing. It’s wild. We call it Body Deesh.

VM: What do you guys normally do on off days?

It’s rare that we have an off day that we don’t have to drive the whole time, but if we do, we like to check out local attractions or thrift stores and just explore whatever city we’re in.

VM: Has there been any place that you guys have discovered that you’ve loved?

One thing you learn touring is that every city in America is pretty special it it’s own way. If I had to name a few that we are in love with –  Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, Seattle, Portland.

VM: Do any of you have any other artistic outlets that you enjoy expressing yourselves through besides music?

Luke is an amazing photographer and graphic designer. He creates most of our artwork. I love doing crafty / art stuff – painting, block-printing and writing stories.

VM: That’s it, is there anything else you guys would like to say?

Thanks so much!

Make sure to see Great Good Fine Ok on tour right now, and stay tuned of a gallery of their show in Portland, OR!

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