Grammy-Nominated artist Bernhoft’s video for “Viscreal”premieres

The Morning Comes EP will be released on January 20 via Big Picnic Records.

Stream the song on Spotify here and the track will be available for free download with album pre-order on iTunes.

The Morning Comes will be released January 20 via Big Picnic Recordsand follows the Stop/Shut Up/ Shout It Out EP released last year as well as Bernhoft’s 2014 Grammy-nominated album Islander.

The new EP was produced by fellow Norwegian musicians Eivind Helgerød and Nicolay Tangen-Svennæs, and explores the intersection between the electronic and organic. Of the new songs, Bernhoft reflects, “All the lyrics on the EP are characterized by profound doubts and ambivalences, about my own position, privileges, attitudes and choices. My worldview, at least the western world, and perception of humanity as such, is shaken. I’ve been an optimist that we are moving towards greater tolerance and coolness in general, but then outright racism becomes very apparent, even becoming mainstream politics. When that stuff shows itself in violent ways, it’s tricky to keep the optimism. My attempt at defining what I’m doing has been contributing, through my music—but also how I look—to tear down some walls and build some bridges between people. I’ve wanted to make superficiality less important. I feel I’ve been unspeakably naive though, and these songs tell the story of my coming of age. At least a bit.”

Bernhoft is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Jarle Bernhoft. Bernhoft has become known for his intricate and complex live performances.

1. The Morning Comes
2. We Have a Dream
3. Visceral
4. You Belong
5. Little Ghost

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