Wild Domestic


Interview by: Gabriel Dufour

Conducted by: Matt Carlson

In a time where popular music relies heavily on synthetic sounds and almost totally lyric-less refrains, what inspires you to create music that heavily relates to the punk music produced in the early to mid 2000’s? 

I am extremely influenced by the early 2000’s punk pop and emo music.  It is what I grew up listening to and seems to be a baseline for my music today.  I think people are looking for music that connects with them emotionally.  I think people are more fragmented today with social media and lots of times would rather connect online rather than go to clubs. And online communication may seem more emotionally disconnected, but I think is really a strong way to connect emotionally with others.  I think some people out there want a real sound that expresses emotion and a message they can relate to.

What is your dream moment in your music career? Has it already happened?

I have a lot of dreams about my music and a few have happened. One dream moment is pretty simple.  It is to have an audience sing along to my songs.  That has happened in a local venue and that was quite a rush.  A dream that I am holding out hope for is to go on tour, as an opening act, then maybe as a headliner.  Another music related dream moment is to know that people “get” my message.  My lyrics can be abstract but at the same time direct or at least honest about thoughts and feelings.  I am not trying to be a poet, just trying to be Wild Domestic.

Which do you prefer, writing or recording?

I prefer both, if that is an answer.  Writing is always great because I am creating something where there was nothing.  I have an idea or tune or riff to start.  I work it up and then when I get into the studio that original idea may run in 5 different directions. The song I started with always maintains the basic intention but evolves into something that I wasn’t even aware it would become.  For example, I have written songs that were supposed to just be acoustic guitar, and then they end up having huge drums and bass and electronic components.  But I am very picky and the arrangements and changes are totally mine, which is the great part about being a solo project.  My producer is really great about giving me free reign and offering up ideas that seem to blend with my sound.

What is your writing process like? Do you have any specific rituals and habits, or do the ideas simply hit you?

Many times I will sit down and struggle to write something.  Hopefully, after a while some chorus hook will hit me and I will write that first.  Other times, I am just struck with an idea for a song. Something will hit me out of the blue.  Seems like this happens in my car a lot, so I will grab my phone and record either the chords in my head or the melody and lyrics I am thinking.  As soon as I can get home I sit down at the piano or guitar or bass and create the song around that.  That happened in a real clear way with Firewall, which is on the new SINGULAR EP.

You are relatively at the beginning of your recording career, what type of artist do you strive to become? Do you want to be a chart topper, or would you be content with being a diamond in the rough for others to find?

It would be pretty amazing to become a chart topper, but I don’t think anybody in their right mind in today’s music world can be successful with stardom as their only goal.  Music is tough these days and most musicians I know (unless they are college guys just screwing around with a band for 4 years) just want to be working musicians, making music and performing.  I think you have to believe you have what it takes for stardom but you better be okay with for a room of 25 people and pumped that they get into your sound.  I hope I am a diamond in the rough and that is okay with me for as long as I play.

What is a band or artist that you would love to perform with?

I would love to have performed with David Bowie.  His death seriously bummed me out.  He was a genius and one musician who inspired me to do my own thing.  I am glad his music and legacy live on.  I just received the soundtrack from “Lazarus” as a gift.  Bowie never quit. I also would love to perform with The Killers, especially Brandon Flowers.  His lyrics, vivid stories, and melodies inspire me.

What is it about your shows, music, antics, or even personality that sets you apart from any other artist?

My shows are about the music, but I love entertaining people in the audience. I goof around with the audience and want to encourage them to feel a part of the experience.  I like to move around and keep it interesting.  I see each show as a unique experience.  I take my music seriously but not myself. I’ve been on stage enough in the past with bands and acting in local theater to know that something always goes wrong.  If I mess up a lyric, get emotional with my vocals, trip over a wire it is just part of that particular set.  I think that is also why I can play an acoustic set, electronic set or full band set and feel great about it.

What is your new EP about? What do you want your audience to know about or look forward too?

SINGULAR is a simple journey that tracks a character’s physical and emotional experience following the end of a significant relationship.  This EP is a first effort toward a concept album.  Lyrically, some aspects are based on personal experience but not totally.  I think a lot of people in my stage in life who are really beginning to invest in more than those past fast and feel good relationships will relate to the honest message and music in each song.

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