JD & The Straight Shot with Don Henley @ Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, TX

Photography & Review by: Tiffany Martinez

JD and The Straight Shot is an easily distinguished unique sound- self proclaimed Americana with a dash of blues-inspired rock. The band is fronted by Jim Dolan, more commonly known as JD. He is supported by lead vocalist and guitarist Marc Copley, bassist Byron House, guitarist JJ Appleton, violinist Mary Jo Stillip, vocalist and guitarist Erin McCarley, and percussionist Shawn Pelton; all who have impressive track records playing for some of the biggest names in modern music today. They were the perfect opening act to suite Don Henley and his band. JD and The Straight Shot brought their full power and passion to the stage. The connection between the band members was obvious throughout their entire performance.

Written by Veracious Magazine

Veracious is a quarterly online and print music magazine based out of San Francisco, California in the United States of America. This publication has a team over thirty-five members in six different countries right now giving you the latest information of festivals, bands, tours, and an inside scoop of behind the scenes crew to make your favorite artists shine onstage.


  1. I saw them open for Henley two nights ago. Worst opening act I’ve ever seen. I’d pay extra not to have to endure this mess of a show.


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