Cavalier, Idlewood, Never Hill & N I G H T L I F E @ Latest Music Bar in Brighton, England

Interview & Photography by: Tamara Watts

So far on this tour you’ve played 2 gigs, how have the shows been? 

Very good! First night was London so that was our hometown show, we had quite a few people down. Yesterday was Guildford, that was, I mean that was somewhere we hadn’t played in a while, it’s also nice to play a show where it’s not just people who have already seen you before and obviously that’s great but it’s nice to have some familiar faces. London’s good but we’re creatures of habit, we end up staying in London all the time because it’s on our front door. 


On the 24th February you’ll be releasing your album Salt & Acid, how excited are you for the release?

Beyond belief! We’ve been sitting on it for a while, we’ve had the songs for about 2 years, had the recordings for about a year and a half; its been a long process and we’ve had a lot of setbacks on the way but we’re finally on the home stretch now. We’re really excited for people to hear it, for fresh ears to hear it as well, it feels like it’s been out for ten years in my head. To me it feels like you lose sense of it because you’ve heard it so many times and it just is what it is so it’s nice to get a fresh opinion on it. We’ve had a couple of reviews and they’ve been good which is great as well. And also, people take you more seriously as a band when you’ve got an album, they’re like “right these guys are actually investing their time in it and it’s not just a ‘lets do an EP, play some show’s and disappear’ kind of thing and it shows commitment”. This is the first album that all of us have ever done so it’s a nice little benchmark. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this album so hopefully it’ll pay off! 


If you could describe the album in three words, what would they be? 

  • Rock and Roll 

  • Salt and Acid 

  • Round, Thin and Digital 

  • Chips and Gravy 


Do you have any plans for the rest of the year? Any upcoming tours after this one? 

We’re going to get the album out and then probably try and get tours, we’ve got some videos coming out that are in the works. We’ll probably do some release shows hopefully, nothing’s locked in yet but when we get our acts together we’ll do something for the release so that we have the record there to buy on the day. Later on in the year we’ll get on another tour, and just tour and play it as much as we can and get our name out there, get about the country. We’ve been off the circuit for quite a while now so we want to get back out there. I think as well when you’ve been working on tracks and you’ve been sitting on them for so long, playing them is amazing, the show’s we’re playing now feel more energetic than our last tour already just because it’s like ‘here we are, were doing something, this is fucking awesome, lets go’. 


As of right now who would you say your favorite artist it? 

Lewis; For me, Pinegroveit’s not close to our sound but I absolutely loved it, the songwriting is amazing and it’s nice, and a bit of everything as well really. 

Will; According to my Spotify, Fall Out Boy, and just general rock music I guess, I’m still really digging Panic’s new album Death Of A Batchelor. 

Paul; I’m going to go with Dinosaur Pile Up’s recent release, its good to listen to in the gym, that’s the only time I listen to music because I’m too tired in the morning and, well that’s it really. 

Garth; I’ve been listening to a band called Magic Sword recently. Will; Who’s magic sword? Garth; It’s like going on an 80’s adventure but in the future. Will: I feel like I’d dig it! Paul; There you go, co headline tour next year. 


Dream line up with 5 other artists including yourselves? 

Paul; I was thinking about this the other day 

Will; I’m going to throw out Diamond Youth straight away 

Paul; Diamond Youth, little known band that we absolutely love 

Will; Bayside? 

Paul; I do love bayside, yeah, although I’d be slightly intimidated because the guitarist is just ridiculous in that band. 

Garth; Can I say Mariah Carey? 

Lewis; Tiger Cub as well, they’re a Brighton band. Shania Twain 

Paul; Shania Twain would be amazing! Not Mariah 

Will; Not Mariah, she’s lost it now 

Lewis; Sorry Mariah 

Paul; I’m feeling like Daniel Bedingfield needs to come back, we listen to him a lot. 

Will; The Bedingfield siblings 

Paul; I want to see them do ‘Baby when you’re gone’. Imagine that, doing the duet. That would be kind of creepy though wouldn’t it? Because it’s about being in love, although they do give off that sort of vibe, yeah, they’ve kissed in the dark before, I know it, I believe in it. 

Lewis; Can’t take my mind off of you 

Will; Natasha I’m trying to get into the shower 

Paul; She’s just sitting there with her eyes closed. Anyway so the Bedingfields, Shania Twain, Tiger Cub, Diamond Youth and Bayside. 


If you could bring back one artist, who would it be and why? 

Lewis; Back from where though? From the dead or just anywhere? 

Will; Bowie? 

Paul; There are some artists that I think they’ve had their time, you know? Like imagine if Kurt Cobain bought out a really shitty album after… 

Lewis; Jeff Buckley! He definitely died too early, I mean he had his time sort of but not really. Also Aaliyah? She was a massive R’n’B artist in the late nineties, she died in a plane crash, she was at the tip of her stardom. 


One festival you’d like to perform at & why? 

Will; I’m going to throw out Download because I did it with my old band. 

Paul; I’d like to play Heavyfest if that still exists.  

Lewis; I would like to play Leefest, purely because its started in the back garden of the same town that I grew up in so I’d like to play that, there’s always good bands there. 

Will; Probably Reading and Leeds as well. 

Paul; Yeah, whilst we’re on a roll, we’ve gone through these ones. 

Garth; I suppose download because I’ve been, but also Reading and Leeds. 

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