Lower Than Atlantis

Nervus, Lower Than Atlantis @ Hippodrome in London, UK

Photography & Review by: Callum Ludlow

Lower Than Atlantis are arguably one of the biggest names in British Rock at the moment, so we set out to see them at the release party for their fifth studio album ‘Safe in Sound’ at the Hippodrome. The venue is smaller approximately about a 500 people capacity offering a more intimate atmosphere for both the band and fans.

As the band prepares to head out on its largest tour of the UK and Europe including such iconic venues as London’s Brixton Academy, this was quite likely to be the last opportunity for fans to see the whites of their eyes. There was an understandable electricity spreading throughout the venue with everyone eagerly awaiting the band’s arrival on stage.

First on stage was a band from Watford called Nervus, who have been friends with the band for years. LTA asked them to open and this seemed to be a perfect match with Nervus playing with a rarely seen passion and grasping the opportunity with both hands.

After a brief interval, the lights dimmed, the audience’s excitement built and LTA took to the stage. Their opening track, fan favourite ‘Had Enough’ had every member of the audience on their feet, a sign of the energy that was to continue throughout the event. Lead singer Mike Duce, performing his frontman duties with confidence, combining wit and fan interaction, superbly showing how far he and the band have come over the years.

The highlights of the night were the tracks ‘Here We Go’, ‘Work For It’ and ‘English Kids in America’, all of which brought an incredible amount of energy to the room. 

A notable mention would also be the track ‘Beech like the tree’ from their 2011 studio album ‘World Record’, Mike used this track as an opportunity to see who in the audience had been following the band since the beginning and asked the audience to sing it instead of him. The atmosphere during this was incredible with nearly every member of audience singing their hearts out.

If you haven’t yet heard of Lower Than Atlantis I would advise you go and give them a listen now! 

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