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Photo Credit: Stef Mitchell

The Alt-Rock Trio, The Kin released their final album, Modern Primitive, on January 27, 2017.

The Kin are saying farewell to the music industry…for now. After 10+ years of creating and performing their music for millions around the world, the alternative rock trio are announcing that their next album, entitled Modern Primitive, will be their last. Officially out on January 27, 2017, this album is their eighth commercial release and the follow up to their 2013 Get On It EP, which they put out on Interscope and earned them a gold record in New Zealand. This album marks the culmination of this seasoned group’s career whose highlights include a record deal with Interscope, playing arenas opening for Coldplay, Rod Stewart and P!nk, and acquiring loyal fans throughout the US and Australia and everywhere in between.

Modern Primitive also symbolizes exactly who The Kin are today. Raw, high-energy, and 100% authentic. They consider themselves “outcasts” in a world of lip-syncing and computerized drumbeats since they insist on playing and singing every note, both live and recorded. They recruited world-renowned mixer, Jon Castelli, who mixed albums for Macklemore, Ariana Grande, Cher and Lady Gaga, to help produce the album in a way that captures the energy the trio have built on stage. MP is also the first album that the trio have recorded with their drummer, Shakerleg.

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