Big Wild @ Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR

Review & Photography by: Aili Hauptmann


Jackson Phillips of Big Wild’s music ranges from melodic summer tunes to upbeat dance bops that would have any individual dancing around their room. With openers Imagined Herbal Flows and Phantoms with their energetic songs, the stage was perfectly set for Big Wild. Even before Jackson came on stage, the tension from the crowd was palpable, everyone anticipating the beginning of his set. As soon as Jackson came on stage, the energy in the room immediately rose. Song after song was another catchy and dynamic hit that had the crowd dancing, singing, and even whistling along with Jackson. One part of the show that definitely has to be mentioned was the backdrop behind Jackson, with visuals that constantly changed to match the songs being played. The visuals helped contribute to the overall tone of the show and made for an even more interesting show. If you have the chance to see Big Wild in your city, it is a definite must.


Written by Veracious Magazine

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