Jay Beale

We recently had the chance to chat with Jay Beale who just released his EP, 359. Read what he has to say about his music, dream collaborations, and more!

Interview by: Samantha Toy

Hi Jay, how are you doing today?

Yeah good, thanks.

In the past, you used to write Alternative-Rock music, but youve changed to more Electronic recently. What made you decide to change genres? 

I wouldn’t say it was a conscious decision to change, I was just messing around with more electronic sounds and instruments and ended up making a few tracks in that genre as it’s a lot of fun. I do find it’s a lot easier to make an electronic track as I can do it at home, whereas alt-rock requires a lot more live recording. I’ve also got really into field recording which I find is less suited to guitar based music.

What is your favorite song off of your recent EP, 359?

Probably 359, it was the first track I made for the EP and it took by far the longest. 

If you could collaborate with two artists, who would it be and why?

Tough question, Daft Punk and Mike Skinner? There are so many people I’d love to work with but yeah I reckon those two would be pretty fun. 

Youve supported Peter Doherty in Brixton before, how was the experience and the show?

Yeah it was interesting, it was an amazing experience to support somebody of his calibre. The show was cool, he showed up pretty late and played two very drunk sets.

What is your favorite social media application? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat?



What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any musical projects or tours?

I’m going to America over the summer and will embarking on a project where I do a range of field recording in Arizona and California in order to create a new sample library. I then plan to make a few tracks using the sounds I collect, basically as a way to improve my producing skills by writing and mixing with sounds as opposed to traditional instruments.

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