Out With The Old

Review by: Olga Sawicki

California-based band Out With The Old is back at it again, releasing their first single since singer Matt Skajem’s return to the project. Skajem originally formed the band with Eli Martinez, and the two later added Christian VanBuskirk to round out their sound. “Fast Track Addict” is actually more of a throwback to the 2000s than their name would suggest; the guitar heavy track is tinged with touches of early Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, with the former being a bit more apparent in the majority of the song, and the latter being more obvious in the last verse. Lyrically, the song laments against someone who has wronged another person. With lines like, “You used me to get what you think you deserve, but at the end of the day, you’ll never learn” and “I’ve lost track of who I am and where I’ve been”, it’s a relatable tune that will likely have fans screaming along in unison. It’s a nice track to welcome to band back with, and hopefully, there are more to come.

You can stream the band’s single on YouTube down below!

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