Carcer City, The Word Alive & Attila @ Electric Ballroom in London, England

Review & Photography: Marisela Morales

Last Friday I was able to see Carcer City, The Word Alive & Attila on their Chaos Tour named after Attila’s new album.

Carcer City were up first on the stage, the set was nicely lit and I enjoyed the music. Patrick, the vocalist of the band, had lot of energy and was all over the place but also wouldn’t stop smiling which created a friendly atmosphere. After the first band came off the stage some pertty popular songs like ‘chop suey’ started playing to which the crowd was singing and dancing. Next band on the stage was The Word Alive, I’ve seen them twice before and as always they gave an excellent performance. The lighting was flashing a lot and was dim in general but that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying new & older songs like ‘Life Cycles’ to which the crowd was singing the loudest. Just before 9 it was finally time for Attila to come up on the stage. The crowd was getting really excited for them and was throwing cups with water. Attila during their set did a little competition for 3 fans and chose one to sing ‘Playback’ beside frontman Chris Fronzak on the stage. When the band said goodbye, fans immediately started shouting “one more song” after lights went out, which Attila listened to and performed 2 more songs.

This was truely amazing show and I’m happy I was there. For me the highlights of the show were when fans were forming moshpits, throwing bras and hearing all the fans singing perfectly together. At shows like that you just feel alive! Absolutly fantastic show and I wish I could stayed till 1am as The Word Alive announced second show after the club night.

You can still catch Attila on their Chaos tour ->

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