The Dream Eaters

Interview by: Samantha Toy

Veracious Magazine – VM // Elizabeth LeBaron – EL // Jake Zavracky – JZ

VM) Your album, We Are A Curse, will be releasing in just a couple of days! How excited are you to release it?

EL) This is our debut full length as The Dream Eaters, and we worked on it quite literally every single day for months. To say we’re excited to share it with you would be an understatement!

VM) What can you tell us about this album?

EL) A lot of these songs have been in Jake’s back pocket for quite a while, but we wrote some completely new material together as well. We didn’t originally have the intention for it to be politically charged, but timing would have it that it can easily be applied as such. There’s a lot of wet harmonies and haunting melodies, and some cool electronic aspects thanks to Jake’s production.

JZ) We mostly wanted the album to be about creating a feeling, and sort of moving seamlessly through that. We wanted people feel like they were completely absorbed in it. Ideally, people would listen to it in headphones and sit in a room doing nothing else, it should be sort of like watching a movie.

VM) We Are A Curse has 10 tracks. Do you have a favorite song so far?

EL) I arranged the harmonies/background vocals for a few of the tracks, so I’m partial to those. My favorite moments are when the layers start building up at the ends of We Are A Curse and Plastic Priestess, but I think my favorite has to be Astral Asshole.

JZ) My favorite in terms of production is probably Sugar Coma, and in terms of songwriting I’d say Astral Asshole as well.

VM) How do you think your music has changed from your previous work?

EL) I think this album is a pretty logical progression from the EP Five Little Pills. We also released Too Much Sugar under our old name, Jake and Elizabeth, which was much more heavily produced. We’ve managed to meet in the middle this time and we feel like we’ve found our sound.

VM) Who are your musical influences?

EL) Jake and I will undoubtedly have very different answers for this. I’m a sucker for harmonies, so I really identify with artists like The Staves. When I first started singing outside of choirs, I really identified with Canadian artists like Stars and Feist, who I still consider to be my biggest influences.

JZ) They’re really all over the map but definitely Bowie, Pink Floyd, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Tom Jobim; those are the big ones.

VM) What do you both have planned after your release?

JZ) We want to make a sort of live album, although we haven’t really firmed that up conceptually. In the meantime we’re making a lot of videos and trying to find new ways to make our performances more experimental.

VM) Can your fans expect an upcoming tour or couple shows in New York?

EL)  Yes! We’re playing Rockwood Music Hall on May 10, and Pete’s Candy Store June 16. This summer we’re playing all over the Northeast, the dates will be added on our website as things develop, there’s a bunch there already. We can’t wait to meet you!

Make sure to pre-order the band’s album, We Are A Curse in three days!

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