Phyllis Blanford

The beautiful Phyllis Blanford is a one of a kind jazz artist that you should keep your eyes on, she has traveled worldwide many times. She has toured in Italy, Germany, and Bermuda.

Back in 2015, she released her record, Edgewalker, and it includes ten tracks. Edgewalker  is music that swings! It’s the heartbeat, it’s the first drum! It makes you smile, it makes you think, it makes you tap your feet and shake your hips! The spoken word will make you nod your head and say YEAH that’s dope. Swinging to words!.

“Creating this album has changed me for the better. It’s brought more fun into my life. It’s opened me up to a deeper understanding of the world around me. It’s transformed me from top to bottom. That transformation is what I’d really like to share with the world, because maybe some of that energy will pass through the music and impact their lives in wonderful, unexpected ways.” 

If you love jazz music, make sure to purchase her album on iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby here!


Written by Veracious Magazine

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