Carousel Kings

Abandon by Bears, Arc of the Sun, Bad Cause of Big Mouth, Carousel Kings & You’re Too Kind @ The Depot in Baltimore, MD

Review & Photography by: Marie Newby

The Charm City Tour made a pitstop in Baltimore, MD last Friday to perform at The Depot. The tour was made up of the headlining band, Carousel Kings, and four other fantastic bands, which they all put on an amazing show. Starting the night off, Jonah Amster from Arc of the Sun played an acoustic set. The crowd took a liking to his set as he interacted with them in between songs telling them of stories from previous shows and some fun moments he had on tour. He ended his set with a cover of a Four Year Strong’s song called “Wasting Time”. A song that gave the crowd a nostalgic feeling. Instantly, the crowd joined in and sung along with Jonah and cheered at the end as he left the stage. Soon after You’re Too Kind took the stage and the crowd went wild. Suddenly, the crowd was filled with fans shouting with excitement as the band started their first song. The band kept the crowd engaged with their music as it had the crowd dancing, and singing along. During their set two people had joined them on stage to accompany the singer and sing with the band. Both moments were very exciting! As the band finished their set and were about to pack up, the crowd grew loud chanting “one more song”, which the band did not disappoint. They resumed back to playing a cover of a well-known A Day to Remember song, “The Downfall of Us All”. The minute the music started playing, the crowd erupted into screams and singing. I instantly began singing along with everyone as well!

The show wasn’t even half way at this point with three more bands scheduled to play that night. A band from New Jersey called Bad Case came to the stage next. Right off the bat, the singer pumped up the crowd as he began singing the first song. This band’s set was fantastic and had so much energy coming from them especially the singer who was hardly ever still. Multiple times he had walked into the crowd dancing around causing the crowd to dance around and even with him too. Abandoned By Bears took the stage soon after, and the crowd went wild again. Both of the singers welcomed fans to come sing into the mics. At one point one of the vocalist, Leon Ekelund, mic broke mid song, which resulted in Fredric Andersson, their other vocalist, passing over his mic to Leon. They continued passing the microphone back and forth until the mic was fixed. At last, Carousel Kings took the stage. The vibe that they brought with them as they performed their set was amazing. Everyone in the crowd were having a great time, and singing along. All their songs were so upbeat, and i found myself dancing to their music and swaying from side to side when they slowed it down for a moment. The vocalist, David Alexander, has an amazing voice and hearing their music made me think of the music I would always listen to back in highschool and college. The entire show was amazing, and I loved the energy and the great vibes every band brought to the stage.

Check out Carousel King’s latest album, Charm City, and also check out the rest of the amazing bands that performed.

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