Mondo Cozmo & Bastille @ Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ

Review & Photography by: Luixcon Photography

In Phoenix, Arizona at Comerica Theatre the night started out with Mondo Cozmo taking the stage.  The energy in the theatre grew as people started packing in.  Mondo Cozmo kept a good mix of fun songs to move to.  They ended on a song called “Shine” that was full of good vibes and seemed to bring everyone together.

  Waiting for Bastille to come on, a comedic fake news reporter came on the side stage monitors to entertain the crowd.  When the band entered the stage, the first few songs were a rush of excitement.  The frontman, Dan apologized for their tardiness and let everyone know that they were shooting parts of a music video that night as well as the night before.  He came down to the barricade at one point to take a gift from a fan and set it to sit on stage with them the rest of the night and then the band began playing the song “Flaws”.  Halfway through the song Dan came and ran through the audience on the floor before running up the aisles throughout the whole theater and greeting every fan along the way while singing.  Fast forward through their set full of dramatic lighting and interesting visuals on their monitors that ranged from gorgeous scenery to the fake news anchor lipsyncing along.  Before playing the song “Good Grief” Dan let everyone know “This next song is the part where we pretend it’s gonna be the end of the gig but it’s not gonna be.” The crowd danced along and then after they left the stage patiently waited to see them reappear.  We heard vocals first and it turned into a game of Where’s Waldo.  The singer and guitarist of the group were suddenly on the balcony in the back corner with a spotlight on them singing “Two Evils.”

The encore transitioned from that song to “Icarus” with an epic guitar solo on stage by Kyle Simmons while the other two members made their way back to the stage.  Of course they saved their biggest hit for last ending the show with “Pompeii.”  This is a song I have personally always wanted to hear live.  It. Did. Not. Disappoint.  Dan started the song with a slow mellow chorus first and then everyone slid into the iconic chanting after.  The harmonies wrapped around the room in such a magical way along with the crowd chanting along.  This band is now one of my favorite live bands I’ve seen yet.  I would highly recommend seeing them if you’re considering it at all.  They still have plenty of dates left on their Wild Wild World Tour in the United States as well as Europe.  Check out their upcoming dates and get tickets here:


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