Any Given Day, Black Peaks, Bury Tomorrow, & Crossfaith @ O2 Forum in London, England

Review & Photography by: Marisela Morales

On 22 April I caught Bury Tomorrow on their last Europe date of the Earthbound tour at the O2 Forum in London.

That night was opened by Any Given Day, really great band with lots of energy. The song that the crowd seemed to like the most was a cover of “Diamonds” singed by every fan in the venue. The break after first act was interesting as more than half of the floor got empty in few minutes to grab a beer.

 The next band up was Black Peaks which were definitely much calmer band. Despite less heavy set the crowd surely enjoyed the whole performance.

When the time came for the Crossfaith, a band from Japan, the crowd started going crazy. The first song performed was “Xeno” and for the song “Devil’s Party” there was literally a mosh pit across the whole floor. Fans were going mad with every next song but so was the band, Kenta Koie and Terufumi Tamano jumped into the crowd few times for some crowd surfing. It was truly intense performance after which fans needed more beer and the floor emptied once again.

When the lights dimmed everyone knew it was time for the headliner, Bury Tomorrow! Since the beginning of the set there were lots of crowd surfers trying to high five with the vocalist, Daniel Winter-Bates. During the song “Earthbound” the number of crowd surfers increased, encouraged by the vocalist – there was also a mosh pit that lasted for the whole song.

For me the highlight of their show was when Daniel was talking to the fans about situation in the music industry like heavy music never ending, bands needing support and that VIP aren’t fair because the bands should feel privileged when meeting with fans and not the other way round.

If you ever have a chance to see any of these bands make sure you get a ticket, I promise you will not regret it.

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