Stelle Amor

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, we had the chance to chat with Stelle Amor about music and latest EP. Make sure to check out Stelle’s music video down below, and give it a “like”!

Interview by: Pavlena Todorova

Your music is a unique mixture of genres, soul, blues, jazz, funk, how would you describe it yourself?

    I like to call it “soulternative.” Soul is my root and a part of all my songs because its the essence of my voice; but I like to mix up my genres so thats why “alternative”  is nice to add on the end.  It lets me get away with being eclectic. I never liked boxes much.

 How did you come up with the term souful siren?  Is there something deeper related to it?

  I love alliteration  and “soulful” had always been an adjective to describe my sound.  And “siren” is a term used to describe my live show, so I figured why not throw them together.

What is the one thing that inspires you and influences your music the most?

 Just everyday life, it’s the simple things and the smallest conversations that trigger my biggest ideas.

 In Spike’s Groove you sing about being consumed by a relationship and being trapped by love. Is it related to your personal life in anyway?

I wouldn’t say trapped, but I’m still lost in love and it’s amazing.

Spike’s Grove has quite a different tone compared to Get Right, should we expect more surprises from the rest of the EP?  

I would say those two songs are the extremes on the record.  The rest of the songs, although they have their own vibe, fit nicely between the two singles.

 You started writing when you were very young, have you ever imagined yourself doing something different than singing? 

Although writing music and performing have always been my passion, I have a big imagination and I’ve dreamed of being a lot things from a veterinarian,  to an actress, to a senator.  But the older I got the more I realized there is only one job that really sets my soul on fire – being an artist. 

 Do you feel the impact of what you are doing, people recognizing you, having a fan base, being famous in general?

I’m no A list celebrity so I don’t have to worry about the paparazzi  hunting me down. However as I grow as an artist I do appreciate my roots more and more and the people who have loved me since this dream was just a seed. It’s easy for people to put you on a pedestal or jump to conclusions when people only know you for your art.  I will say it is really exciting to see the music spread and to have fans world wide, one of the beautiful perks or being an artist in the internet age.

How was it like working on your EP with so many Nashville starts like Maureen Murphy and Roy Agee?

I was very humbled and honored to work with so many amazing and successful musicians. I am thankful to have not only such talented people on this record but genuinely good souls in my life.

Can you share with us something about the upcoming EP? A sneak peak of what to expect?

  You can expect to do everything from dancing to crying when you hear the EP. We aren’t holding anything back and will take you on a magical roller coaster of soul spilling.

So what are your plans after the release of the EP? Are you planning a tour after the launch in May?

We release the EP on May 19th and are having an EPIC EP release show at Exit/In on May 20th!  We are working on setting up a tour but we are still working out the kinks. You can stay updated with everything and please feel free to reach out to me  at !

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