Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Royal Republic, Old Shadows & Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes @ The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, MD

Review & Photography by: Marie Newby

On April 27, 2017, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes along with two other amazing bands stopped by The Metro Gallery located in Baltimore, Maryland. The show started off with a small crowd, but they were all ready to have a great time and listen to some great music! The first band to start off the night was a local band from Annapolis, Maryland called Old Shadows. A few people from the crowd came forth moving to the music while another person danced around in front of the stage. After Old Shadows finished their set, the stage was ready for Royal Republic. The four member band walked on stage in style wearing suits. They began their set by shaking each other’s hand and nodding their heads to the crowd before jumping right into the first song. Right off the bat, Royal Republic was very energetic with the singer dancing while he played the guitar. The crowd went from swaying along to dancing around to the music. I even found myself moving along to the music. Throughout their set in between songs, the singer mentioned moments from previous shows and tours and even mentioned a time where a fanfic was written about him and another member due to a moment they were on MTV.

Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes finally took to the stage while Frank Carter himself took to the pit. He began singing the first song of his set while people began to dance around him. A few fans even sang in the microphone along with him and one held his hand for a moment. The crowd was going crazy for him, with everyone standing right in front of the stage screaming to him with excitement. Even though there weren’t a lot of people in the crowd, Frank Carter asked everyone to crowd surf, which resulted in a girl being carried around the room! Soon Frank Carter came up close to the crowd when he and his band performed the rest of the set in the pit. The entire band was right in front of us. The crowd was excited as they sang and danced with Frank Carter. A few people sung into the microphone along with Frank Carter, and even snapped a few selfies with him while he performed. Frank Carter announced that it was his birthday and bought the staff and even a few people from the crowd drinks to celebrate. His set was phenomenal, with so much energy coming from him and his band as well as the crowd. Before he performed his last song, the staff surprised Frank Carter with a cupcake and sung him a happy birthday. He even took a minute to enjoy the cupcake while chatting for a bit with the crowd. Overall, the entire show was fantastic and would highly recommend listening to all the bands that performed that night.

Catch Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes and the other fantastic bands on the remainder of the tour!

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