Graveyard Johnny’s & CKY @ Concorde 2 in Brighton, England

Review & Photography by: Tamara Watts

On May 8th I had the opportunity to go and see CKY with Graveyard Johnnys at Concorde 2 in Brighton! With only two acts and a venue full of excited faces, both young and old, I could tell that it was going to be a good show, being helped by the fact that the venue is a personal favourite. Before Graveyard Johnnys came on stage, there were various people screaming in anticipation, which only got louder as 8:30 got closer.

By the time CKY came on stage the atmosphere in the room had changed due to the excitement, screaming and continuous jumping around from the front to the back of the room. There was a lot of yelling and singing along, and just overall the show was very lively and energetic and I would definitely recommend seeing these artists live! You can still catch CKY on tour throughout the year at either Warped Tour (US) or Canada!


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