Marianas Trench

Club Drive, and Marianas Trench @ KoKo in London, England

Review & Photography by: Emily Freya

A few days ago, I saw Marianas Trench’s London show at KOKO, one of London’s most popular and most beautiful venues. The Canadian band were supported by a band named Club Drive. Club Drive were clearly well known by the audience, shown by their huge welcome to the band and the songs going down so well. Shortly after Club Drive, came the main act, Marianas Trench. The high level of excitement in the audience was perfectly mirrored by the band, who mentioned that it was only their second time playing in London in 10 years and how happy they were to be here.

The show as a whole was very high energy and the band were continually shocked by how well the audience knew the words. It was amazing seeing the audience sing in perfect unison, but also so nice to see how happy this made the band. The show was thoroughly enjoyable, and as the band stated on stage, I hope it’s not another 10 years until they come back to London! Keep an eye on their future tour dates, here:

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