LeRiche – Under Covers

Review by: Grace Dearing

Canadian indie-pop artist LeRiche recently released his latest single, Under Covers, on May 12. The song strips itself of excessive production and editing, showcasing LeRiche’s strong vocals. Accompanied primarily by acoustic guitar, LeRiche begins Under Covers as a nostalgic message to someone from his past.

The lyrics, “I was living so in the moment…you got lost and while you were away you found a new state of mind,” hint at two people who have grown apart, due to unfortunate circumstance. LeRiche’s low, drawn out vocals aid in the melancholic tone of Under Covers. LeRiche continues his message to this person from the past by saying, “We’ve been going through all the motions you know we’ve seen it all before,” representing two people continuously struggling to hold on to a relationship that is falling apart.

Despite the seemingly “overdone” and “cliche” theme of Under Covers, LeRiche puts his own style into the typical heartbreak song by using metaphors like, “a heart comes knocking, another heart locks the door.” Through this one line, LeRiche is able to continue the narrative without falling into the oh-so-common trap of a becoming a cliche.

As the tempo of the song picks up and percussion instruments are added to the strums of the guitar, LeRiche begins to beg this person to accept his help, instead of hiding behind locked doors. The nostalgic tone is replaced by optimism as LeRiche argues that this broken relationship really can be fixed. He uses the lyrics, “We can go back to beginnings when we were just friends hanging out…we’ll laugh about love and how we felt about one another,” to explain how the situation doesn’t have to be as bad as they both think it is; they can start over and go back to when times were simple, reminiscing on the good times rather than focusing on the bad. LeRiche once again avoids becoming a cliche by adding this hopeful tone into what was expected to be a forlorn song about heartbreak.

Under Covers makes its own rules. It does not follow the stereotypes of a breakup song, but it is also not solely focused on looking on the brighter side of things. The everchanging lyrics and music compliment each other so perfectly that they reflect a real life encounter with heartbreak. This quality is very rare in music, but LeRiche seems to have figured out exactly how to turn cliches into deeper works of art.

You can purchase his single here: http://www.lerichemusic.com

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