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After a demo sold to more than 250 copies, the French punk rockers ‘Bare Teeth’ have announced the release of their next EP ‘First the Town, Then the World’ for May 19th 2017. This new record contains 7 tracks, along with a bonus one that will delight every Punk Rock fans! You can purchase the album here:

Aside from Bare Teeth’s incredible record, we also had the chance to interview them recently! Read below what the band had to say:

Interview by: Samantha Toy

Hey all, how are you doing today?

Well, quite fine, Samantha, thank you very much!

You guys released an EP, First the Town, Then the World on May 19. How has the reaction been to it?

It’s actually been incredible so far! As for me (Tom), Bare Teeth is the first “serious” music project I’ve been involved in, so I never actually took part in releasing anything real before. It’s truly amazing to see people posting positive reviews of your work, fans buying it… some people I know bought it even though they aren’t really into punk-rock music to begin with, and I’ve got to say this is one of the best things I’ve experienced with the band to this day. We really put our guts in making this thing, so seeing these efforts pay off is mind-blowing.

For the people who don’t know your band, why should they check you out, and what should the first song they listen to be?

I feel like we are in a global era of nostalgia, especially in the artistic field. The good part of it is that you get to watch or listen to stuff that remind you of your youth, but that take their own genre to a whole new level and bring it back to life. That’s what we are very humbly trying to achieve with punk-rock, by taking inspiration from bands we grew up with and adding our own feel. So if you enjoyed punk music back in the days, you just might like what we do now! As for one song on “First The Town, Then The World” to point out, I’d go with “Parted Ways”, that is very representative of the EP’s sound and whose lyrics tell a tale of nostalgia, which comes in handy! We also released a music video for it a couple weeks before the EP came out, which I think illustrates nicely what the song is trying to say.

Do you have any plans on touring? Do you have plans on playing in the United States soon?

We love touring! The band has been on two four-day mini-tours so far, both across theNetherlands and Germany. In July, we are going to the UK for our first week-long tour, and I reckon there is more going on but nothing we can announce just yet – we will do soon, though. Regarding the USA, we would definitely be thrilled to go there for a tour, and that will probably happen at some point since our EP came out there too (on ProRawk Records, cheers guys!).Like I said, there’s still a bunch of stuff in the making and to be announced soon!

Who would your dream line up include?

Singer/rhythm guitar: Hans Roofthooft (F.O.D.) – a great tone of voice he makes perfect use of, both in the studio and on stage, and he plays the guitar too? Hired!

Lead guitar: Trevor Reilly (A Wilhelm Scream) – he is also a tremendous songwriter and that is at least equally important as pure skill (but I swear this has nothing to do with the fact he did the mix on our EP!)

Bass: Karl Alvarez (Descendents) – I’m in love with his playing, which makes the bass a very central element of the band’s music, both rythmically and melodically speaking.

Drums: Travis Barker (Blink-182) – he’s a great punk-rock drummer, but his musical landscape goes way beyond that, and his playing has a unique feeling to it.

If you could tour with one band for the rest of your life, who would it be?

I think touring exclusively with any band for a whole lifetime would get boring at some point, regardless of how good they are and how much we like what they do, or them as people. I think we’d all rather have the opportunity to meet different bands and tour mates. With a gun to my head, though, I’d definitely go with Belvedere. Greg (our lead singer and guitarist) has gone on tour with them in the past, and he told us they are really awesome folks on top of being a great punk band! Steve Rawles, their singer, has granted us some guest vocals on the EP, which was both very kind of him and a very valuable addition!

Finally, do you have any last words for your fans?

I’d like to thank them for supporting us that much, and promise us they will like our upcoming stuff even more!

For more information, check out their Facebook page here:

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