Interview by: Pavlena Todorova

Answered by: Marc Harris (vocals) & Ricky Free (guitarist)

Can you first tell us more about the background of the band? How did you meet and came up with the idea of forming a band?

We started out of a former project disbanding knowing that we wanted to continue writing music. So a few musicians from the previous project kept at it, with this go around writing music that we wanted to write. The previous project was writing music that wasn’t exactly our favorite material to write and play. That was probably the driving force behind the start of Icaria. -Ricky Free

How did you come up with the name “Icaria”?

We were headed to South Carolina to play a show.  On the drive up we were all tossing around ideas and the Greek mythology story of Daedalus was brought up.  Diving deeper into the story we came across the story of Icarus (son of Daedalus) and how he had built wings of feathers and wax. His father warned him not to fly too close to the sun but he did not heed his warning and ultimately fell to his death into the Icarian sea.  Our name originated from where Icarus fell. -Marc Harris

Is it easy for a band with a heavier sound to become popular at times when electronic and funky pop music flood the music industry and the mainstream market?

I wouldn’t say that it is easy for a heavy band to become popular no matter the circumstances. I say that, because a heavy band has a smaller demographic than that of a mainstream band, which makes it ultimately harder for a heavy band to find success. Especially if you take into account the high level of competition within the heavy / metal side of the music industry. -Ricky Free

Do you target older hard-core music fans or younger audiences?

I feel like we target both. I don’t think we have a preference either.  I think if you like Heavier, technical, melodic music then no matter the age people will enjoy it. -Marc Harris

Your debut album is produced by Jamie King, a veteran in the industry. Was it hard to find such support?

Jamie was really open to what we were doing on “Transcendent”, and recording the album with him was an excellent fit for us and what we were going for. Jamie also gives bands an excellent environment to work in which helped us feel at home while we were recording. An important aspect to recording music is a comfortable atmosphere and Jamie and his studio gave us exactly that. I know, the band feels as a whole, lucky to have worked with Jamie on this album and we’re looking forward to working with him again in the future. -Ricky Free

Obviously you have your own unique style, but you must certainly take inspiration by other heavy metal bands?Can you tell us more about the influences behind your music?

Our influences are varied and come from many different sounds. The biggest heavy and metal influences are Dream Theater, Born of Osiris, Periphery, Circa Survive, Thrice, Deftones, Metallica. – Marc Harris

Can you tell us more about your new album? Did you experiment or followed one particular style?

While we definitely had a vision of how we wanted this album to sound like musically, it was never about wanting to achieve only one style specifically. So we did a lot of experimentation on this record. Fans should expect more of the experiments to continue moving forward as well. -Ricky Free

Can you pick a favorite song from the album?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, I guess I would have to say if I could pick just one it’d be, “Resurrect Serenity”. Which also features Dustie Waring from Between the Buried and Me so that makes it special to me also. – Ricky Free

I agree with Ricky, it’s definitely hard to pick a favorite because I love all the songs. But! If I had to pick one I’d have a say “Callous Warrior.” -Marc Harris

Why did you choose “Collide” as a debut single?

We feel that “Collide” is a good pick to debut with because it has all the elements we present in our music but in a shorter, more “single friendly” format. – Ricky Free -Marc Harris

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