ID10T Festival at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA

Review & Photography by: Samantha Toy

This past weekend in Mountain View, California, ID10T Festival was held at Shoreline Amphitheater and hosted by Chris Hardwick. Over thousands of fans mostly from Northern California, and surrounding western states gathered around the venue to see numerous musicians, comedians, comic artists, and writers. Well-known shows/movies/documentaries such as: Portlandia, Con Man, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Futurama attended the festival to chat about how a small idea turned into a money making entertainment show.

Saturday’s line up for Veracious was Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Panel Stage) with Hampton Yount, Jonah Ray, Paul Saboruin, Rebecca Hanson, and moderated by Will Wheaton. About an hour later, Con Man took the stage with Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion and was moderated by Chris Hardwick. A little after 3pm, Shoreline Amphitheater’s main stage started with Tank and The Bangas from New Orleans with some R&B music. Next up, Veracious hit the comedy tent with comedians such as: April Richardson (host), and Irene Tu who is a San Francisco, CA native. As the night progressed, more fans entered from the main gates to head to the dance stage to see some EDM players such as: Gryffin, Jai Wolf, and Madeon.

The next day, we happen to stop by the Panel Stage to see Animaniacs Live! with Maurice LaMarche, Randy Rogel, Rob Paulsen, and moderated by Chris Hardwick. The trio sang the famous theme song, and interacted with the crowd about the creation process of Animaniacs Live! Next up on the Panel Stage was the famous comedy series, Portlandia with Carrie Brownstein, and Fred Armisen. The two chatted with Chris Hardwick about knowing each other as musicians before turning Portlandia into an acting and comedy series. Fred also mentioned that season 8 will the last season of Portlandia which devastated the fans. After Portlandia, we hit up the Comedy Tent to find April Richardson (host) with Natasha Muse, Marcella Arguello, Brian Posehn, and Garfunkel & Oates.

Overall, this was an incredible festival I’ve ever attended. It had a variety of comedians, musicians, and artists that were locals or across the nation. Even though Veracious attended this festival only to cover the music side which we unfortunately did not have the access to cover, it opened my perspective of the comedy and panel stages of the creation process of movies, documentaries, and shows. If you happen to live in Northern California, make sure to attend ID10T Festival next year! More information is at the following link:


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