The SLVR Tongues

Hannah Huntley, James Lynch, Peter Erik also known as The SLVR Tongues are currently living in Nashville, TN. The three-piece create a unique sound that is entirely their own in the country genre. Read below what the band has to say about their music video, and tour plans!

Interview by: Samantha Toy


Hi all! How are you doing today?

We’re awesome! Been in the studio all day recording some rough demos for potential upcoming releases, actually! Exciting stuff.

How do you think your music stands out from other artists in Country?
We aren’t trying to assimilate- we’d rather stand out. We are unapologetically honest about our own truths, and we feel that this will connect with country fans and radio in an authentic way. Our writing process is all about lyrics and melody, and we really feel like that comes across in all of our songs. We are bringing all of our individual musical inspirations to every song.

If you could collaborate with one person in the music industry, who would it be?

We all would have a different answer to that question individually, but collectively, probably Haley Williams.

You released your music video for, “S-Class.” How many days did you spend on shooting the video? What are your favorite memories from filming?

It actually took like 4 days to film “S-Class” because of the deceptive amount of locations in the video. I think our favorite memory though was from the barn location, because it was on this family’s land, and they brought us into their house, made a massive southern dinner for us, and treated us like we were family. It was awesome.

You all worked with Danny Worsnop (singer of Asking Alexandria) who went country for a couple of months. How was it working with him?

It was great! Danny has always been a friend of the band’s, and it was really special to get to write and cut a song with him for our EP. He’s an excellent all around artist, and was very easy to write with. We really only have good things to say about working with him.

Can fans expect a tour in the future?

Can’t talk about anything right now, but it’s definitely in the works!

What are your plans for rest of the year? 

Like we said, lots in the works. We are writing material for an album, there is potential for a tour or two, and definitely at least more shows, more SLVR SUNDAYS episodes (our YouTube Channel show), more Songwriter Saturdays (our FB Live show), more interviews like these… Overall, just a lot more content from The SLVR Tongues to sink your teeth into and get excited about!

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