Crown The Empire

Out Came The Wolves, Palaye Royale, I See Stars, and Crown The Empire @ The Social in Orlando, FL

Review & Photography by: Alex Reynoso

On Monday, July 24th, 2017 I was lucky enough to see Crown The Empire, I See Stars, Palaye Royale and Out Came The Wolves at their sold out show at The Social in Orlando.

I’ve seen Out Came The Wolves perform once before so I was pumped for them to open up. They immediately had a mosh pit form, which got shut down quickly by security and ended up in a kid being kicked out (Cameron Burns, lead singer, got him back in though). Palaye Royale came with all the ferocity I expected after seeing them on Warped Tour last year, even with the lead singer Remington Leith jumping down into the pit. I See Stars played next and dominated the stage with a whole new level of energy that shook the entire room. Their intense bass mixed with the incredible vocals that come from the band had the pit so energetic at one point I looked over and saw the pit had taken out fifteen people all sprawled out on the ground attempting to recover.

I’ve seen Crown The Empire about 3 times before this and I’ve always thought they were great, but this is a whole new level for the band. Their new record, Retrograde, is an incredible rock album but hearing them perform these new songs live really showed me they have become a rock band to be reckoned with. Their stage presence empowered the small venue and had people leaping from rails to crowd surf. The band played a mix of songs from their new album and also some fan favorites, such as The Fallout. Even with the departure of Dave Escamilla, former vocalist, the band never missed a beat in commanding the room’s attention.

Be sure to check out all these bands music and try to catch them on upcoming tour dates! Out Came The Wolves is a band to keep an eye on for sure and Crown The Empire is reaching a whole new point in their career nobody is ready for.


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