The Cruel Knives – EP Release Show

…And The Hangnails and The Cruel Knives @ Thousand Island in London, England (EP release show)

Interview and Photography by: Alessandro Mascellino

How would you describe your music genre?

Rob: Neo-Classical Speed Folk/Rhythm & Booze (Hard Rock)

What is your hometown and how did you guys come together? 

Sid: Al and I were born in Kettering and played in a band together when we were growing up. Rob and I played in Heaven’s Basement together and Tom had opened for that band one time so that’s how we met.

You are fairly well-known in the music panorama now but there’s not much about you on the internet. Is this a choice to keep the hype high before your official debut or is it something else?

Rob: I think it’s mainly just cause we’re a brand new band and instead of going out on the circuit we’ve decided to take our time with our debut EP ’Side One’ and make sure it perfectly sums us up. I guess there’s a few people waiting to see what me and Sid are doing now as well.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Sid: Personally guys like Hendrix and Zeppelin and a whole array of great old blues guitarists. Non-musically Stanley Kubrick, George Orwell, Salvador Dali, Douglass Adams, Terry Pratchett. People who have a sharp perspective on the world.

Do you have record label? If not, how do you promote your band and shows?

Rob: Na we don’t have a label, we only launched in January and we’re still building on our chemistry and figuring out what we’re all about so we don’t want someone else chiming in on all that yet! Promotion wise It’s mainly social media and moving forwards making sure our live show is lairy and leaves a mark.

Which is the song that most represents you at this particular stage of your career and why?

Sid: The whole of ’Side One’ kind of covers a lot of the angles at the moment. So I’d say listen to the whole thing, don’t be lazy (laughs).

What are your expectations for your first big event?

Rob: Someone’s gear to break and for it to be a sweatbox of a room!

What is it that you do outside music that nurtures your creativity?

Sid: Explore the world, for me it’s the best way to get inspired. I think you’ve got to make the effort to go out and live, meet new people and try to experience new things as much as you can. I often spend weeks on end in my music room and before you know it seasons have changed and you haven’t seen daylight for a month. So I guess balance is what I’m saying.

How does music affect you and the world around you?

Rob: It’s everything to all of us I think. Personally I don’t think I can go 5 minutes without talking about music i’ve been listening to or winding my mrs up by constantly tapping, but the sounds in your head are amazing!

Where have you performed up to now? Which of those places was the most memorable to you?

Sid: Manchester City Stadium was pretty great, Milton Keynes Bowl, Kansas City Rockfest and Download. They all stick out as being memorable experiences. Also the Electric Ballroom in London was carnage, I remember that being a real highlight. And a pizza shop in Finland, that’s up there too.

What are the biggest obstacles for bands that wish to go big?

Rob: Bass players that are too big for their boots and wear loud shirts (For reference see Rob Ellershaw – The Cruel Knives)

 What are your plans for the near future?

Sid: Address Rob’s shirts.


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