Taking Back Sunday

Modern Chemistry, Every Time I Die, and Taking Back Sunday @ The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA

Review & Photography by: Alan Cruz


Seeing Taking Back Sunday for the 21st time was just as expected. On this tour Modern Chemistry kicked off the night with a melodic and dreamy set. As the crowd slowly poured in and their set came to a close, there was a surprising amount of fans ready for Every Time I Die. As brothers Jordan and Keith Buckley and the rest of the band took the stage the energy completely surged through the crowd and a full fledged mosh pit broke out almost immediately. Every Time I Die ripped through a set of in your face hardcore songs and woke the crowd from the dreamstate tone that Modern Chemistry set.

Finally it was time for Taking Back Sunday. Their set list for this tour had a really good mix of songs spanning from their first iconic album (Tell All Your Friends) to the recently released Tidal Wave. In a rare feat they even included a song off their album New Again and played “Everything Must Go.” Adam Lazarra (lead vocalist) in signature fashion swung his mic time after time throughout the performance. Halfway through the set Adam brought out an acoustic guitar and the venues lights dimmed, He then told a story about how he and guitarist John Nolan received a call from Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong. He then revealed that Billy Joe asked him to cover a Green Day song for a Spotify documentary. Adam performed a solo acoustic rendition of Green Day classic “She”. Closing out the main set was fan favorite and arguably most popular song “Cute without the ‘E’.” The band then made their return to the stage to play 2 more songs for their encore including “MakeDamnSure.” All in all Taking Back Sunday did not disappoint and gave the crowd a show you would come to have expect having gone to see them 21 times prior.


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