Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

The Greeting Committee, A R I Z O N A, and Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness @ Rams Head in Baltimore, MD

Review & Photography by: Marie Newby


On Friday, July 28, 2017, Andrew in the Wilderness performed at Rams Head Live located in downtown Baltimore, MD along with two other fantastic bands; The Greeting Committee and A R I Z O N A. Starting off the night, The Greeting Committee –– a band from Kansas City, Missouri, took the stage. The singer was very energetic as she danced a bit on stage and soon the crowd screamed with excitement as the singer entered the crowd to sing part of the song. Around the third or fourth song, the bassist handed the singer his bass and began to play his saxophone. Towards the end of their set, they performed a cover of MGMT’s song “Kids”.

A R I Z O NA–– “the band, not the state” as they stated at the beginning of their set were fantastic. If you’re looking for new music that’ll make you get up and dance around then this is the band for you! A lot of A R I Z O N A’s song is very energetic, and catchy, but they also have songs that will make you sway. They started off their set with a song called, “Annie”, which is on their latest full-length album, Gallery. The band themselves were having a lot of fun up on the stage, dancing to the beat of their own music and putting their all into the performance!

After A R I Z O N A finished their set, the stage was set up for Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. Andrew McMahon is also known for being the singer for Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin. The stage became dark and the crowd screamed for Andrew McMahon as he came on stage and sat at his piano. His first song was, “Fire Escape.” The stage lighting and with Andrew performing at his piano, it gave you the chills. The whole performance that night was phenomenal! During the song, “Don’t Speak For Me”, a giant inflatable duck was brought out for Andrew to crowd surf on while he sang. One of Jack’s Mannequin’s songs were covered called Swim and it was beautiful.

Every band that performed that night were incredible! The energy that came from each of the bands that performed that night will put you in a good mood. The music will have you dancing in place!

Check out all three of these bands, and catch them on their tour!


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