The Five Thirty, Zen Arcadia, Good Charlotte, and Smash Mouth @ CalExpo in Sacramento, CA

Review & Photography by: Samantha Toy

This year, Veracious had the chance to cover The Five Thirty, Zen Arcadia, Good Charlotte, and Smash Mouth at the California State Fair. The first state fair was held in October of 1854 which has been around for over a century and half. Personally, this was my first time attending the state fair and I was impressed by the layout. You had a section for the stages, exhibits, waterpark area, cattle, fair, and two separate major areas for food vendors. I was also very amazed by the amount of people in Northern California attending the fair during the weekdays. At least 3,000-5,000 people showed up going on rides of the fair, walking around, and attending the nightly concerts. Even though this is just our first year covering, we will definitely be back!

You can check out the following bands’ links below to see if they’re performing in a city near you! For more information about California State Fair, and for next year’s opening days, click here:


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