We recently spoke with the members of FASTBALL about their tour at the moment, and their record they just released. Read below what they had to say!

The band will also be stopping at Cornerstone in Berkeley, CA on September 14, 2017. You can purchase tickets here:

Interview by: Samantha Toy

You guys just released your 6th album, Step Into Light, earlier this year. How has the reaction been to it? Do you individually have a favorite track off the record?

The critics have spoken and they love it. My favorite song is “Best Friend”. Sleeper hit.

How did you all come up with the album cover? Does it represent anything?

36 hours in Vegas with a Ouija board. It worked out though. What does it mean? Fertility, springtime, Easter, chocolate mints on the pillow at the Bellagio.

Your last three records, Step Into Light, Little White Lies, and Keep Your Wig On all have the same amount of tracks. Did you plan on releasing these records with 12 songs intentionally?

If you can’t say it in 12, you can’t say it in 20. 12 gets the job done.

How has your music evolved or changed from your previous work?

It hasn’t. But it has. It’s still guitars but we’re way better songwriters. I no longer care how things are received, it’s pure expression.

Recently, you have worked with Nigel Dick on a music video through Guitar World. What was it like working with Nigel and Guitar World on your music?

Nigel is a genius. Phenomenal energy. He also made us three look good which is no small feat.

You’re also on tour at the moment which just began a couple weeks ago. How is the tour so far? Is there a city you’re excited to perform in?

Always love Atlanta and Detroit was the inspiration for Frenchy and the Punk.

What is one item you must bring on every tour?


Your last show is in Chicago, IL on October 8, 2017. What are your plans after tour? Are you going to take some time off as the holidays will be near?

Holidays mean nothing to me. All they really mean is everyone is gonna be doing the things I normally do while they’re at work.

Lastly, which one of your own songs would represent your whole career?

 A song I didn’t write. “Why Try To Change Me Now?” Most famously recorded by Ol Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

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