Hannah Elizabeth Jones is an upcoming singer originating in London, England, but currently lives in Paris, France for acting school. Her musical influences range from Mumford & Sons, and Sia, to Ed Sheehan and Taylor Swift.

You can check out Hannah’s singles on her website down below.


 You traveled to Nashville, TN, USA on co-writing and recording your original songs. How was the experience coming to the United States to work on your music? Who did you collaborate with on the writing section?

 I did yes. I went to Nashville to record my original songs which was such an amazing experience. I have been to the United States before to focus on acting things but this time I was there purely to focus on music which was fun and the fact that Nashville is very centred around music was really inspiring. I also did quite a few touristy things and was completely starstruck to see the talent that had started out there. I collaborated with Jeff Pardo on the writing section. He was amazing to work with and was such a good influence on me considering that this was my first time professionally writing and recording.


You are from London, but you attend an acting school in Paris. How do you make the time on seeing your family, but also work on your career? Do you only travel back to London around the holidays?

I do! I love living there and it’s actually only a train ride away from London for me so it’s not as far as it seems. I try to still sing as much as possible when I’m over there but I miss the luxury of being at home with a piano and being able to sit down and sing whenever I want without disturbing the neighbours! Luckily I get to see my family and friends from London often as they come to visit me a lot and my terms are quite short so I’ll come home at least once a month which is great.


What is your ultimate goal in your music career? Travel worldwide? To tour with a well-known artist(s)?

I think to be able to tour with a well-known artist is the ultimate goal! But in the meantime I really want to work on writing new stuff and explore different styles in my singing/songwriting. To travel worldwide would also be an extra bonus!


What do you have planned for the rest of the year? Any music videos or music releases?

So for this year I have released two songs which can be found on iTunes and YouTube along with their lyric videos! I also have my website which is up and running so that’s really cool. I’ve been working on some covers recently which I’ll probably post to my Instagram soon and will continue to write more songs!


Written by Veracious Magazine

Veracious is a quarterly online and print music magazine based out of San Francisco, California in the United States of America. This publication has a team over thirty-five members in six different countries right now giving you the latest information of festivals, bands, tours, and an inside scoop of behind the scenes crew to make your favorite artists shine onstage.

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