Mallrat, Nicole Millar, Japanese Wallpaper and Allday @ The Tivoli in Brisbane, QLD, Australia 

Review & Photography by: Dana Hope 


Allday’s concert was nothing less than expected. The ‘Speeding Tour’ was full of energy from all four acts throughout the show, counteracted by some amazing crowd interactions.

Mallrat started the show with an amazing set of classics that I’ve heard at every festival and on every segment of Triple J in the last 12 months, but it was more than you could have expected. The local girl pumped up the crowd for the following acts and had some amazing crowd interactions. As a photographer the lighting was a nightmare of red, red and more red but her stage presence and performance was an amazing way to start a great show.

Nicole Millar strutted on the stage as if she owned the place and slayed as she always does. Her catchy hits and obscure dance moves mesmerised the audience and had a dance party happening in the crowd. I copped some verbal abuse from a punter who thought I should “get the f*ck out of her way” while I was shooting, mind you I then made more of an effort to get in her way; it was great fun. Nicole’s performance was flawless and she was adored by the crowd as always.

Japanese Wallpaper were the headlining support and unfortunately, they were the slight downfall to an otherwise amazing show. Their easy going jams were a nice break from the upbeat pop sensations of Mallrat and Nicole Millar, but for the vibe of the entire show was a bit of a let down. They weren’t very interactive with the crowd, who gave off the vibe of being a tad bored and just eager for Allday to come out. Their performance for their genre was great but I personally don’t think it meshed well with the rest of the line up.

After a lengthy 3 hour wait, Allday came out greeted by screaming fans. From the second he stepped foot on the stage he was full of energy and were giving the crowd exactly what they wanted. It was contagious; running and jumping around the stage throughout the lengthy set, he did not disappoint. Fans screaming the lyrics back as he sung, and the pure joy and happiness that radiated from him was an incredible sight to see. Allday lived up to all the hype heard about him and his performances while he definitely suited the levels needed to live up to the name of the tour.

Despite the fantastic feel of the entire venue, something I did notice once out of the photo pit was so many people spent majority of the show watching it through their phones. Taking photos, videos, snapchats and Instagram stories. So many people who instead of just embracing the moment of seeing you’re favourite artist on stage singing you’re favourite songs and sharing that special moment with those around you, everyone seemed to feel the need to share it with the rest of the world. I know it’s the 21st century and this is extremely common at every show, but I hate it. I hate that every person in that room paid for a ticket to get to this show, yet due to everyone posting about it, it’s not special.

I have discovered you could have saved the money and just attended to social media from the comfort of your pyjamas and bed, while getting to see almost the entire concert streamed/snapped/sent to you. To be honest, I think it disrespects  the artists and their work. They put their blood, sweat, tears and heart into their music and yes, while they may sell out shows and travel the world, the time and age we live in now disregards that hard work, as finding everything for free is so easy today.

I miss the days where concerts would have “NO FILMING” signs, so that on our Nokia’s we could only take blurry photos and because of that, phones were kept in pockets and were only used to call your best friend during they’re favourite song. I notice it less at heavier shows due to moshing, circle pits and walls of death, because if you’re on your phone unaware of your surroundings during one of those, you’ll probably end up in the hospital.

However you still see those few on the barrier with their phones in front of their faces and honestly, when photographers take your photos on the barrier, we want to see your happy faces, not your $6 iPhone case off eBay.

Overall the concert was definitely one to remember as each of the acts smashed their sets and left everything on the stage, and everyone I’m sure is hanging out for Allday to come back and do it all over again. But to the few who threw things at me and made harsh comments while I was shooting, I hope you wake up to yourself and comprehend how disrespectful you are to those within the industry that give you the opportunity to see your favourite acts. Also to everyone attending any shows, yes film your favourite song or songs but please not the entire set. Put your phone away and just embrace the environment you’re in because you never know when that act may not come back to your city.


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  1. Those photos! Especially the ones of Nicole! Amazing stuff, I’m so stumped I couldn’t catch Mallrat when she was in Melbourne. If you’re interested, my last post was all about SŸDE, a triple J duo, you’ve probably heard of them, would love if you check it out! Great post, definitely looking forward to more posts from you x

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