Ginger & The Ghost

Interview by: Taylor Leigh

Future-pop duo Ginger And The Ghost have announced their spectacularly unique and vibrant new single Kindred Spirits, that was released on July 25. A luscious clip to accompany the track has also been released; filmed in the stunning Australian wilderness, the video features intricate, innovative costume design and a purposeful narrative. And this work of art is as extraordinary as you’d expect from this impressive, independent, all encompassing outfit who both directed and creative directed the film clip, keeping their purist DIY ethos in check, hand-making the costumes & props and even collaging the single’s cover art. You can watch the music video down below. 

What song are you most proud of?

 Ohhh this could be like choosing a favourite child hehe!!! Very hard to define what song is most important to us or closest to us because they all have the same intentions and energy put into them.  Little known Throwing Arrows and Teenage Flower are two very whimsical songs that have a theatrical and endearing story and mood to them.  Kindred Spirits is a energetic song and we love that because of the organic samples we made and the lush tropical and ceremonial instrumentation.  Also lots of new stuff to come !!!! We love the entire process and can’t wait to keep unveiling our new music !

All of your music videos have unique costumes and visuals, which music video was your favorite one to be a part of?

The first one Wherewolf was special because it was the unknown and just the two of us in it, so the process was really lovely –  camping and making colour all over the rainforest.  Every film clip has had friends involved and feature heavily in the clip so that’s pretty special, One Type Of Dark and The Mark Of Hearts we big ones and I’m extremely proud of them because we directed them and hand made all the props and costumes.  Glow was wild directing a CGI clip, but the last one Kindred Spirits was shot in pretty magnificent places and we had some incredible moments like the clouds coming up underneath us in a huge basin of bushland.

For people who do not know you, what artist do you consider similar?

That’s hard to say, but other people have put us in the Bjork, Lykke Li, Bat for Lashes, Kate Bush, Purity Ring area. Avante future-pop I guess 🙂

Which single is your favorite new single, Glow or Kindred Spirits and why?

Again we can’t choose! It’s too hard!!! ☺ But Kindred Spirits definitely leads me into the lush sounds to come out this year.

Are there any artist you look up to?

David Byrne is an artist we admire because of his multi dimensional layers.  He choreographs dance and contemporary movement for stage and has had some dynamic and innovative performances.  Our favourite was a set he made in a 1960’s kinda house where everyone was upside down in an upside down house.  He also out on an insane show with St Vincent which blew our minds. Bowie for his ability to transform into characters which we also like to do! We have the dreamstate which was the last 2 EPS and now are discovering the thematic concept New Rituals. Bjork has an affinity with nature and her curiosity for costume and developing themes intrigues us.  I feel connected to her voice because I also like to place my mind into a childlike state and become fierce and warrior-like! It’s the way she uses it with abandoning her intentions that feels like it’s always going to tip over the edge and break!  I like to experiment with my voice and put them into characters strong and fierce and then pure and fragile.  All of these artists have a definitive eccentric and unique sensibility.  We resonate with that because they are not trend based.

Do you have a favorite show you performed?

It might be the one we are about to play in Burning Man on an art car flying across the desert … that’s my premonition!

 Is there any place you would like to tour in the future? 

Love to be in the Netherlands, South America and Japan – they have some great festivals and we dig the culture and want to explore and write there too!

Can you describe Kindred Spirits in five words or less?

Tropical lush vibrant pop.

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