Anathema & Silver Snakes @ Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD

Review & Photography by: Marie Newby

Last week, two fantastic bands; Anathema and Silver Snakes, stopped by the Baltimore Soundstage for their tour. Performing first were the Silver Snakes, who put on a fantastic show. The band jumped right into their set, and the crowd began nodded their heads to the music. The crowd was really enjoying their sound as the set progressed.

Silver Snakes ended their set and the crowd cheered for them as they left the stage. Soon the stage began preparing for Anathema, and you could see the crowd was eager to see the band. Awhile later, the lights dimmed and the crowd went wild for Anathema as they walked on stage. The band consisted of six members with a male and female singer who voices sounded beautiful together! Throughout their set, as Lee sung, her voice gave me goosebumps. Her voice was just phenomenal, especially when the lead singer, Vincent began to sing along with her. The crowd sang along with Anathema, swaying along. Overall, the show was amazing,

Check out both bands and catch them on their tour!

Anathema //

Silver Snakes //


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