Glass House Point

Talk With Your Hands, Gary Lazer Eyes, SunGhosts, and Glass House Point at The Social in Orlando, FL

Review & Photography by: Alex Reynoso

I had the opportunity to photograph Talk With Your Hands, Gary Lazer Eyes, SunGhosts, and Glass House Point at The Social in Orlando. I had never heard of any of these bands before, but they blew me away with their Indie Rock style.

Talk With Your Hands are a local Florida 3-piece act, but despite being the newest band they were possibly my favorite act. Their music was a whole new sound of Indie Rock and started the concert off perfectly. Gary Lazer Eyes is another Orlando local and had a very unique sound. They have an incredible saxophonist who would come in and add a touch of blues and reggae to their indie grunge style, which sounded really good despite what your initial thoughts might be.

SunGhosts were definitely more on the rock side, bringing back massive energy to their performance and heavy bass to their sound. This is a band who were so confident in their sound they were able to reflect that in the crowd, having the entire venue rocking out to their odd style of music. They blended indie rock with modern alternative rock and created a huge success in the Florida music scene. Glass House Point were much more melodic and rhythmic than the previous bands, but had every sense of indie rock as before. Their music flowed as perfect as any indie band should, relaxing while also making you want to jump up and dance. It’s a real contradiction, but they found a perfect blend and I highly recommend anyone to go see them.



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