The Rocket Summer

888 and The Rocket Summer @ Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ

Review & Photography by: Luxicon Photography


Personally, The Rocket Summer’s Do You Feel 10 year anniversary tour was a show I’d been looking forward to for months.  I’d listened to the Do You Feel album on repeat throughout most of my high school days.  It was the last day of the tour so I knew the energy would be great.  888 took the stage at 8 with their fun and catchy songs.  They did a great job of hyping the crowd up and putting them in the mood to dance.  The band finished their set with a drum performance in the middle of the crowd and afterwards more and more people packed into the Crescent Ballroom waiting for The Rocket Summer to take the stage.

The crowd erupted as Bryce and his bandmates took the stage and began playing the first song of Do You Feel.  It was a pretty unique experience to be able to hear the whole album played through live with everyone singing along, myself included.  It was the first time playing some of the songs live in Arizona.  Bryce introduced the song Colors telling us that song was actually written about driving through AZ.  For ‘Run to You,’ he came into the audience with his guitar to play it solo giving it a much more upbeat sound than the album version.  The last song of the album ‘So, In This Hour’ is one that always gets to me live in the best way.  There’s so much about that song that I love and the emotion of it fils the room with such good vibes.

A healthy balance of old and new songs were played after the Do You Feel album starting with ‘Around the Clock’, picking the mood back up to a dance party.  Bryce and his band played a few song off his most recent album and his latest single ‘Gone Too Long’l before leaving the stage for a few minutes.  Patrons demanded he come back out with not just an encore song, but “one more set” and he delivered.   About 5 or 6 more songs from earlier albums were performed.  Confetti filled the room during ‘Brat Pack’ and the night ended with the piano of ‘Hills and Valleys’.  Seeing The Rocket Summer live is always a great experience that leaves you in an amazing mood.  Next time he tours through your city, I would highly recommend getting out to his shows.


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