Duke of Wolves

Climb The Attic and Duke of Wolves @ The Social in London, England

Interview with Duke of Wolves by: Alessandro Mascellino

Photographs by: Alessandro Mascellino

Your Facebook profile describes your genre as “a little bit Queens Of The Stone Age, a little bit Rage Against The Machine and a little bit Muse while stamping their own melodic take on alternative rock music.” What aspects of these bands do you feel like you’ve drawn upon?

When we use those comparisons it comes from other people drawing those comparisons. We’ve got big riffs, big melodies, big hooks and a darkness lying underneath it all… All of those bands are heavy bands with mainstream appeal…maybe that’s what we are.

 Are you guys all from London? How did you come together?

I (Jim) am the only original Londoner, Tom (drums) is from Birmingham but now lives in Acton, Sara (bass) and Orlando (guitar) are both from Italy originally but both live in Kilburn and Golders Green respectively. We came together in the way we always do…the Duke cast a signal into the night sky and we united…we knew…we HAD to know!!

What does your band name mean and where did it come from?

The Duke is a character from a little known Ukranian myth, he called to us and we answered.

 How do you feel about the internet in the music business?

 We like many bands use it to reach parts of the world where we wouldn’t normally go, and have been amazed at the amount of people who listen to and like our music. We are able to connect with these people and add them to our Wolf Pack.

 Do you have record label? If not, how do you promote your band and shows?

 We self promote and like to keep the creative control in-house, so whatever you see whether it be a video or a bit of artwork will have come from us. The internet is obviously a great tool, but as more and more new faces come to our gigs, word of mouth seems to be playing a part, and these new faces eventually become our family…wolves are pack animals after all.

What can you tell us about your new single “Teddy Boy”?

It’s bouncy, poppy but still brandishes its teeth and claws ready to pounce…turn it up loud, it’s tastier that way.

 Which is the song that most represents you at this particular stage of your career and why? 

All of them represent us and our journey, if you listen to them all on Spotify you can hear how they are ever changing but with the same underlying sound…we work hard on that and like to bring our listeners something brand new with a hint of familiarity.

What are your expectations for the upcoming gig at The Social in London?

 We’re playing with two great bands, Climb The Attic and Paves, so we expect sweat, smiles and a full venue of sore throats at the end of the gig because no one gets away without singing along, Terry The Serial Killer never lets them get away!

 Where do you get you inspiration from?

 Absolutely everything; our own lives, the lives of others, fictitious characters born of restless minds, current affairs, etc- there’s always something knocking at your brain.

 Where have you performed up to now? Which of those places was the most memorable to you? 

Too many to mention, but playing The Big Top at The Isle Of Wight Festival was incredible, our biggest stage yet and we seized it and made it ours! We also just played on a big stage to a sea of people at The Moto GP at Silverstone…someone said Valentino Rossi was watching… maybe that was just wishful thinking!

What are your plans for the future?

 We want to grow our Wolf Pack and keep on making music that moves people and makes people move. The big stages are loads of fun, but so are packed sweaty venues where you can feel the body heat of the crowd! Teddy Boy is just the tip of the iceberg so join us and discover more.


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