Interview by: Pavlena Todorova

Did you expect that the song “Quiet” will become such a success?

Actually, I did not expect Quiet to have as big of a reaction as it did. I have been plugging away as a DIY musician for years now, and had gotten pretty used to an intimate (but loving) response to my music. I thought the concept of a viral video was far beyond my reach. I’ve had this conception of a viral video: that one must be gimmicky, clever, strategic, and cunning to get a video to spread so wide and far. Or to be a cute cat or baby. I am not quite any of those things on the forefront of my art, lol, so I would have laughed you off if you told me that I’d instigate a performance that would garner 14 million views in a few days.

How does it feel to influence so many people?

Beyond the virality of the video and signing with Atlantic, I must say the juiciest emotion is the deep deep gratitude I feel to have the life experience of connecting with all these smart, passionate, loving, and fierce women from all over the world. To watch videos of massive flashmobs in Sweden, or a joyous choir in Ghana, brings the deepest joy to my heart, that I have ever been able to feel. To communicate with these goddesses from all over the world is amazing. I’ve been elated to form these deeper connections centered upon our humanity and carnal desire to love, and be loved.

Your music is very powerful and emotional, and is also influenced by your personal life. How does it feel to expose to the world your inner pain and determination?

I remember my sister would always remind me to protect my personal space, and to temper my optimism about people. It’s a life long learning process for me to figure out how to balance self protection with my open heart. My openness has led me down some dangerous paths, yet has also led me down strikingly beautiful ones, like the one I’m currently marching on.I feel very vulnerable sharing all of my truth, yet also free. I remind myself that the work I do is for the betterment of the communities I’m passionate about- I’m passionate about the Gentle Rebels in the world who have been hurt, yet who have still

risen from their proverbial ashes, and are still wanting to put their voice out into the world to make it more loving, peaceful, and just. Sometimes I feel scared because I’m really putting the most fragile parts of myself out there in attempts to make others feel less alone. But I have a calmer side to me that knows that there is power in vulnerability. There is also more opportunity for peace within a community that learns to be more comfortable with its vulnerabilities.  If more leaders were willing to be vulnerable with each other, I think we’d have much more productive conversations that lead to peace.

You have struggled a lot in your career but you finally found success, what are your plans from now on?

I definitely have struggled a lot in my career, and I think most of my struggles were a result of my habits of fear and self blame. Survivors of abuse can oftentimes forget to shed habits that helped them get through the abuse (hiding, shrinking,appeasing).  My techniques for survival were to hide and shrink whenever I sensed any level of conflict. I would even have trouble calling my former managers if I didn’t agree with something they wanted me to do. Instead of saying no, I would let my inner voice silence, and force myself to act against my instincts to appease them. I was so used to doing that in my whole life. That’s all I knew.

However, I’ve learned the secret: It will be impossible for me to be a great artist if I don’t set boundaries and reveal myself and share my inner truth. I am not a sugary, skim the surface entertainer. My light shines brightest when I dig deep and give my all, even when it scares me. So, my plan from my own is to continue being authentic, regardless if it sells or not. I care more about my integrity as an artist in the spiritual level. The world of commerce will reward me if my work resonates with people naturally, and that I cannot control.

What are your thoughts on joining Studio A?

It is such an honor to be a part of this progressive studio. I can tell that there is a lot of integrity and hard work pulsing through the hallways of KCET. Studio A creates beautiful content, and I respect the staff for working hard to do so. It’s an honor to be listed among these powerful artists for the Studio A series. Thank you for having me on here!

Watch MILCK on “Artbound Presents Studio A” this Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017 at 10 p.m. PT on KCET in Southern California, or nationwide on [ ]Link TV starting Sept. 19 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. Episodes will also be streamed online every

Tuesday [ ]here.

For more on MILCK, visit her official website.


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