MINK, Dem Atlas, and Grieves @ The Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA

Review & Photography: Alan Cruz

Grieves, a rapper from Seattle heavily influenced by well renowned underground rapper Atmosphere, is out on his Running Wild Tour. Saturday, (September 2nd) he made his stop in LA at a full Troubadour. He brought along label mates MInk (composed of Musab and Ink Well) and Dem Atlas.

      Opening the show was Musab. He put on a good set and even brought out his daughter to help him out on a song. Up next was Dem Atlas. He definitely had a good fan following come out and support him. With good reason too, he had a very energetic set and got the crowd going and ready for the main event.

      Grieves came out to a roaring crowd. He started off solid and energy just kept building throughout the show. Supporting his new album “Running Wild” he performed a good mix of new and old songs. Overall it was a good performance from all 3 of the artists. A night full of positive vibes and good story telling.

Written by Veracious Magazine

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