The Offspring & Sublime With Rome

The Offspring and Sublime with Rome @ Michigan Lottery Amphitheater in Sterling Heights, MI

Review & Photography by: Emily Veillette

First up at this double headliner show was The Offspring, an early punk rock band that rose to stardom in the 90’s. 28 years after their first album The Offspring was released, the band still performs for thousands of die-hard fans. As soon as the lights dimmed, fans began cheering. The band started off the show with high energy while playing their popular tune, You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid. The rest of their set included their greatest hits and other songs spanning their large discography. The crowd’s energy remained high throughout the set with a lot of jumping, singing, and yelling. One band member joked that everyone in the audience had such nice skin that they must use a lot of sun protection. To conclude the performance the band played the widely known song, Self Esteem.

Concluding the show was Sublime with Rome. Vocalist and guitarist Rome Ramirez joined the remaining two members of Sublime in place of the late Bradley Nowell. Sublime with Rome has been performing since 2009 and continues to draw in new and old fans of Sublime’s music. Sublime with Rome’s set began with some greatest hits including Wrong Way and Smoke Two Joints. The mixture of reggae and ska in their songs had their fans dancing and swaying joyfully. Their music had a good balance between guitar solos and booming bass to satisfy people with different tastes. The set ended with Sublime’s best received song Santeria, one I personally enjoy playing on guitar hero.

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