Crys Matthews

Our inspiration, Crys Matthews is a black, female, lesbian, preacher’s kid from the south, in an inter-racial marriage. She tells unique stories through soul-searching acoustic folk, and has released both a new LP, ‘The Imagineers’ and an EP, ‘Battle Hymn For An Army Of Lovers’.

These collections showcase two sides of Matthews’ dynamic songwriting; ‘The Imagineers’ is a thoughtful selection of songs of love and life while ‘Battle Hymn For An Army Of Lovers’ tackles social justice themes.

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About Crys Matthews:

Crys Matthews blends Americana, folk, jazz, blues, bluegrass and funk into a bold, complex performance steeped in traditional melodies and punctuated by honest, original lyrics. Having been compared to everyone from Toshi Reagon to Tracy Chapman to Ruthie Foster, Matthews’ eclectic infusion of genres has won her honorable mentions at the 2013 and 2014 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and extensive radio play from Woman of Substance radio to WTJU-Charlottesville and WMRA-Harrisonburg to KBOO-Portland.

A prolific lyricist and composer, Matthews has found inspiration in her surroundings; from driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains to the compelling and heart-breaking love story of Richard and Mildred Loving. Thoughtful, realistic and emotional, Matthews’ songs speak to the voice of our generation and remind us why music indeed soothes the soul.

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