Mark Elliott

Hailing from the UK, singer and songwriter, Mark Elliott has released a new single, Summer Storm.

From the opening line of the chorus it’s clear ‘Summer Storm’ is an internal struggle vocalised in catchy pop-song form. When to end the terminal relationship? Leave the dead-end job? Cut-out the toxic friend? ‘Summer Storm’ asks the difficult questions with nuanced lyricism, 808 drum machines, fat 80’s synths and indie band bass.

‘I wrote Summer Storm the day after moving out of my ex-girlfriend’s flat, I was in B&Q picking out paint for my new room and felt overwhelmingly inspired by the names Dulux had come up with for what were basically prime colours. Wrote the ‘spending all day watching paint dry on the wall/himalayan birch, nordic shimmer tried em’ all’ line and then went to my mate Matt’s house to record it. That sh*t is better than any therapy.’

Hyper-visual lyricism and fresh production breathe life into well-trodden subject matter in Mark’s second release of 2017. Written by Mark Elliott and produced by 17 year old Matt Zara, released on all platforms Sept 1st.

Written by Veracious Magazine

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