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New York City-based Americana band JD & The Straight Shot released its vibrant sixth studio album Good Luck And Good Night on September 15th. Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Jim Dolan, guitarist Marc Copely (B.B. King, Rosanne Cash), bassist Byron House (Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton), violinist/fiddler Erin Slaver (Martina McBride, Rod Stewart) and drummer/percussionist Shawn Pelton (Sheryl Crow, Levon Helm, Saturday Night Live band), the dynamic group’s all-acoustic record was produced and mixed by Copely (Toby Lightman, Owen Danoff, Upright Man) and engineered by Chuck Ainley (Mark Knopfler, George Strait, Lee Ann Womack) at Soundstage Studios in Nashville. Influenced by artists like The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd and The Beatles along with traditional Irish folk music and classical music, Good Luck And Good Night delivers a huge sound steeped in the quiet fire of American roots music and the swagger of rock n’ roll.

Pick up Good Luck And Good Night here: http://smarturl.it/GoodLuckandGoodNight

JD & The Straight Shot on Tour:

9/19 Richmond, KY @EKU Center for the Arts (w/ The Doobie Brothers)

9/21 Frederick, MD @Fair (w/ The Doobie Brothers)

9/22 Northfield, OH @Hard Rock Rocksino (w/ The Doobie Brothers)

9/23 Huber Heights, OH @Rose Music Center at The Heights (w/ The Doobie Brothers)

9/27 Bloomsburg, PA @Bloomsburg Fair (w/ Chicago)

9/28 Stamford, CT @The Palace Theatre (w/ Chicago)

9/30 Gilford, NH @Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion (w/ Chicago)

*more dates to be announced





Interview with JD & The Straight Shot’s Marc Copely:

Hey Marc! How are you doing today?

I’m doing well. We have a day off on The Doobie Brothers tour here in Wilmington NC. It’s a nice town with a great bookstore and great seafood!

JD & The Straight Shot just released a new album, “Good Luck and Good Night” on September 15th. How has the reaction been to it?

The enthusiasm for the album has been strong. Our last album introduced us to some new fans, so we have a good jumping off point on his one. We’re two shows into our current tour and the response has been amazing! We’ve been selling more CDs than ever and the crowds have been incredibly responsive to the new set.

You produced and mixed the album. How was the dynamic of being both in the band and being behind the controls for this record?

It seemed to me to be the perfect fit – I knew I had a very detailed understanding of everyone in the band’s strengths going in to the recording process and I was determined to bring forth all those strengths. Outside of that, Ive been producing and mixing more and more these days so it felt good to flex those chops along with musicians who I love playing with and admire. The band was super supportive of me producing, and everyone came in with really great ideas, so it was a team effort.

What made the band decide to create the album as all-acoustic?

Our last album, Ballyhoo!, was also 100% acoustic so we have been in that musical mindset for a while now. We were also all feeling we had more room to expand as an acoustic band from all the hours playing together on the road and wanted that on record.

How does “Good Luck and Good Night” differ from the band’s 2015 acoustic album “Ballyhoo!”?

I think the biggest change on this album is that we have Shawn Pelton playing drums with us now. The last album was more hand percussion and we barely even did much of that. Shawn came into the band and infused us with a ton of energy and groove so it’s a “bigger” sounding album mainly because of him. Other than his addition to the band, we’re a better band now. We’ve been on the road, so you can’t help but get tighter, learn more, and start applying those changes to the music.

As you’re on tour right now with The Doobie Brothers and Chicago, are you playing mostly new songs off the album?

Since our set is 45 minutes as an opening band, we’re sticking mainly to the new album, but will throw in a song from the last record when we can.

What songs seems to be the crowd favorites?

Everyone really seems to dig our cover of the Three Dog Night song, “Shambala”. Lots of singing along to that one. If I had to add one of our own songs, it would be “The Ballad of Jacob Marley”. It features our bassist (and multi-instrumentalist) Byron House on the banjo and Erin Slaver on fiddle and has a bluegrass type rhythm to it that just makes you want to groove along.

What are JD & The Straight Shot’s plans for the future?

Good question! This album is so new and we’re still trying to get our performances tight, so we haven’t thought about what’s next. Good Luck And Good Night is our baby right now, so we’re going to keep our heads in that and play a ton of shows to get this music we made out to as many folks as possible and keep growing as a band.

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